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Oldenburg's History

1817 - Today

The town of Oldenburg began its settlement in 1817 when Catholic German immigrants began migrating from the Cincinnati area westward into parts of Indiana and Kentucky. The small town began to expand in the years to come and in 1837 the town was platted. A German priest, Father Francis Joseph Rudolf, arrived in the town of Oldenburg in 1844 and helped develop the town for its religious purposes. Soon after his arrival, he encouraged many nuns, among them, Sister Teresa Hackelmeier to migrate to the small town and educate the children of the German immigrants. From there, Oldenburg has continued to develop its rich, Catholic and German roots that are still prevalent today.

Oldenburg Today


Today, Oldenburg is a quaint town with a population of over 600. It is home to a diverse array of accredited institutions, including Oldenburg Academy of the Immaculate Conception and the Sisters of Saint Francis. It is also a town steeped in rich German culture, which prides itself on its authentic German food, architecture, and its comfortable feel that brings an innate sense of being at home, whether you are staying or simply visiting.

Oldenburg's Future

Today - 

Oldenburg hopes to be a beacon that displays the value of tradition amongst an ever-changing world. Furthermore, the town strives to welcome new members into the community who are eager to share in the priceless culture that lies under the Spires.

Historical video

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